Welcome to NASBRO (North American Sasquatch Bigfoot Researchers Organization)

The primary purpose of this group is to be a place where those actively, and seriously involved in the search for Bigfoot/Sasquatch in the South Jersey Pine Barrens ( Pinelands ) can connect and discuss the rather unique challenges we face searching for a 7-9 foot tall, 600-800 lb. bi-pedal great ape.

Additionally,… it is a hope that somehow it can be determined how many researchers are currently working the Pine Barrens and their approximate research areas. I’m sure you can realize how this will be of benefit to us all to help determine if we are cross-contaminating each others field research.

And finally, to provide a place where people who believe they have had sightings or possible encounters with a Bigfoot/ Sasquatch type creature (or even the Jersey Devil), can report such.
If you are not a researcher but are seriously interested in becoming one, or are a lone researcher or a small group and looking to join up with others to form a bigger research group, Contact Us and we will reply back.