Finding Bigfoot has Come to New Jersey!



We are thrilled to have been a part of the production of the upcoming New Jersey Pine Barrens episode of Animal Planet's hit TV Show Finding Bigfoot!

Filming wrapped up in early October, and we were involved with not only the production of, but also three of our members were interviewed as witnesses. We also had the opportunity to get to know the cast members, and break bread with them while sharing some of our stories from the field. They were especially intereseted in some of our audio recordings and other evidence we provided. We look forward to the final product being aired next year on Animal Planet. New season begins Sunday November 10th! Stay Tuned…  – (Eric S)


One thought on “Finding Bigfoot has Come to New Jersey!”

  1. Hey everyone! The time is getting near!! Let us know if you have had or know anyone who has had, any unusual experiences in the Pine Barrens!!! We've already put three witnesses in touch with the producers at Finding Bigfoot. We also need anyone who has a large tract of land that would be willing to allow the team access to do a night of investigation! This is going to be a great episode, and it keeps getting Better & Better 🙂 – Eric Squatcher

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